Extreme Sensuality

Or not, as the case may be.  Balmoral 10k photos are up, and I did the usual ‘cringe before the photo loads’ thing.  Now I’ve posted about looking terrible in race photos before, but recently I’ve been trying to up my game.  Whenever I spot a camera, I try to take long, strong strides and wipe the grimace off my face.  Sometimes I opt for the ‘serious’ look, other times I attempt a smile.  I say attempt, because clearly there is a missing link between my brain and my face, because on Saturday, my smile mutated to this:

13% flattering

Amazing!  And after I went through the trouble to coordinate my top and my head scarf, THIS is what I look like.

At least in the other photo they managed to take, I look somewhat ‘dynamic’…

I’m the chick in blue – there were no quick outfit changes during the race.

Anyway.  ONE DAY I will look good in a race photo.  One day…

3 thoughts on “Extreme Sensuality

  1. Sometimes I throw up the ‘thumbs up’, but I always feel stupid doing that. Then again, I also feel stupid smiling or even acknowledging the photographer. But I’m in the same boat as you…one day I’ll look good…

  2. I keep trying to take good race photos, but they always look so cheesy! Like, when I wave, I bend my wrist too much and it looks like I’m doing the “raise the roof” dance, and I have no idea why I automatically always opt for the thumbs up. At least you look like you’re actually running and putting some effort into it, and your headscarf looks lovely!

  3. I also aim for exactly the same, but it never ever works out for me! Lucky you look dynamic. I always look as if I’m walking! I am actually only a size 8-10, but always look bigger in those shots. Lycra is not very forgiving and neither is wearing a jacket! 🙂

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