[insert witty title here]

Let me introduce you to two facts:

  1. My boyfriend has had a cold for the past week.
  2. I now have a cold.

Coincidence?  I think not.  I am, to put it simply, not amused.  Especially since I have the Glenlivet 10k on Sunday.  I am not anticipating any record breaking times for this, considering I am not an asthmatic, but I am wheezing like one whenever I exert myself (rise from the sofa to go for a piss, lift arm to push a button on the remote, scratch leg).

My boyfriend seems to know I am not amused.  I’m amazed he picked up on my subtle vibes (me shouting things like “Stop touching me you massive infection!” and repeating things like “I am really pissed off that you have given me your disease”).  Just to fill you guys in, he, being the caring boyfriend he is, laughed and faux coughed in my direction.  So how did I know he understood my mood?

Ignore sketchy search terms

That’s how.

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