Check out that rack!

So I’ve perved over the Allied Medal Hangers for a couple of months, but I just couldn’t choose something to customize one with.  Plus, they’re pretty pricey AND I’d have to get it

Homeless medals.

shipped over from the states.  While my desire for one of their particular medal hangers has waned, my lust for a way to display my medals has definitely not.  After loads (25 minutes, maybe, I perhaps exaggerate) of online research, I decided that I could probably knock something together that I would like just as much as some of the stuff I saw for sale.

Enter deranged “creative” Rachel.  I decided I wanted a branch.  And I wanted it to look like it was floating on my wall.  And I wanted medals hanging off it.

I began giving disturbing amounts of attention to sticks on the ground.  I went for a run on

Enough to get my pulse up*

the railway line and caught myself eying up a fallen branch.  I was seduced by the gnarls and whorls on trees as I walked past them.  In a park, I was like Quentin Tarantino in a foot spa, it was ridiculous!

Despite the fact that I spotted several worthy contenders for my ‘ultimate rack’, it seemed that they were inconveniently attached to trees.  A pity, that.

Yesterday, however, I went for a walk through sand dunes and along the beach with Ian and a friend, where I came across several pieces of driftwood.  I would pick one up, carry it along for 5 minutes, excitedly, and then spot a better piece.  I went through pieces of driftwood quicker than Angelina Jolie kidnaps adopts children, until I found THE PIECE.  Unfortunately it was still 2 miles from the car, but I carried it all the way back and it has been drying off in my bathroom since.

Well, until about 2 hours ago.  Armed with a screwdriver, a hammer, some screws, some nails, some hooks, and some ‘mad DIY skyllz’ I set about creating my new medal rack.  Et voila!


More hooks will be added, as there is already doubling (and tripling, and quadrupling, etc.) up, but I needed a shower and was impatient to get a photo taken.  Already, it’s much better than medals hanging off a doorknob, and there is plenty of space left to fill in.  So what do you guys think?

*Photo of the tree nicked from here.

24 thoughts on “Check out that rack!

  1. Very nicely done. I’ll have to pull out all the stops to better it when I make myself one. But with only 2 medals to my credit so far I’ll have to get running more races. Many more races 🙂

  2. Did you treat the timber at all? Driftwood can often have an array of gyaddy things living in it. A couple of coats of cuprinol 5 star will sterilise it pretty effectively.

    • Hmm, I did not, but it passed the ‘sniff test’. Also, there aren’t really many places were any nasty stuff could be hiding. I’ll have a look at the cuprinol stuff though!

  3. That rack looks great! I’ve been perving over the Allied Medal Hangers and Etsy medal racks too, but the shipping to the UK is expensive & there’s always the risk of having to pay customs when it arrives. I might leave this page open so my dad can see it and get inspired to make me my own medal rack 😉

    • Hi dashinista dad! You should totally make your daughter a medal rack. If a 20-something girl with zero DIY skills can manage, it should be a breeze! 🙂

    • Here’s a random idea, send me an image of the kind of thing you’re after (runningwithpowertools/ and I’ll make it, blog it and ship it for material & postage costs. It’s why I started my blog afterall 😉

      • I can confirm that this man exists, and, to my knowledge, is not a sex pest. I can also confirm he has a way with tools. I have yet to be made anything by him, however, though I’m sure there are several who can vouch for his handiwork. 🙂

      • Ha, to your knowledge!! I assure you and all people’s of the world my intentions are completely honourable 🙂 I just like to make things from wood and metal. It’s what I do.

  4. I’m always a fan of a good rack 😛

    Personally, I would have hung it the other way around though. So that both ends were pointing upwards.. it feels a bit more positive to me. I’m a little odd about things like that though and alas, I have no medals to display.. I do, however, live up the road from a medals and trophies shop. So I suppose there’s nothing to stop me awarding myself new medals for being best geek in show and such. ^_-

    • I suppose you could get a bunch of custom medals made for anything to impress your guests! I hung it that way as there’s a little gnarl that it can rest on which keeps it stable against the wall. It was really the only way it would sit properly. 🙂

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