13 thoughts on “Too many shoes?

  1. Can I tell you how much I love this post. My boyfriend nags me constantly to wear heals and I refuse. If I am going to get blisters that prevent me from running or hitting the gym you bet your ass its going to be from running. Not from teetering around in heels at night. FFFFFF that.

    • Ha ha, for real.
      “But heels are sexy, they make your ass look really good” (He has learned that compliments go far, but not when they are obviously deployed for his own gain).
      Also, you’re right, heels are sore, and to be honest, the only time I can wear them and feel comfortable is when I’m tanked.

      • Me tanked in heels =’s me crying and whining and my bf going “Why do you wear them if you are just going to complain!!” what a twisted man…

        Or I just end up barefoot, on the metro, because I’m classy.

    • I was never a fan of high heels (on girls, not me) until I went to Korea. Girls wear them EVERYWHERE. I even saw some girls wearing high heels on a hike up a mountain (true story). I can’t imagine how uncomfortable they are.

      • In my gallery I’ve got a shot of me at the top of a mountain (I think it’s Mount Keen) wearing heels. I’ll admit to sacrificing space and carrying the damn things up in my rucksack, but not actually wearing them during the ascent.

  2. I have a similar (two-tiered) shoe rack which my mother-in-law kindly pointed out that I had setup backwards… the shoes are supposed to point downwards! It’s actually a bit easier, and it’s more natural to grab the shoes that way, but I never did any research to determine if there really is a “right” and a “wrong” way… 🙂

    Nevertheless, nice collection 🙂 Except for the over-the-top slutty and functionally useless ones, I don’t really care about high heels.

  3. hahahah…No such thing as too many shoes! I was just having this convo w/my hubby a couple of weeks ago (when I came home w/2 more pairs of shoes). I was arranging mine for their own photoshoot, but they are more of the heel variety…and by heel, I mean majority of them are 3″-4″ peep-toe pumps and wedges (don’t judge! they make me feel sexay ! and tall! and I’ll take what I can get!). I have been eyeing more running shoes lately though…getting into the running game scheme of things…slowly, but surely!

    • Definitely not good! I get new running shoes every 6 months or so, and that’s usually when I’m alternating between 2 pairs (although I do use them in the gym as well)! Venture out and purchase goods!

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