Kilomathon Scotland 2012

Distance 13.1 K

Chip Time: 1:08:35 (PB)

109th finisher (36th female)

Medal: Yes

Edinburgh runs are always nice because we usually stay with my boyfriend’s sister, her husband, and their daughter.  We also usually catch up with friends, so it’s a social thing instead of just a running thing.  This was no exception, and on Saturday night, despite all

Good company

my better judgement, I found myself indulging in a spicy order out curry and washing it down with beer.  NOT ADVISED!  When you’re desperately hoping for a fart to ease some of the discomfort caused by fattus muchus (eating too much), you know you’ve gone too far.  After a quick costume change (into pyjamas with an elasticated waist and a baggy old race shirt), everyone settled onto the couch to watch some TV and relax.  I went through for a quick kit check for the morning, re-read the fact that it was an 8:30 am start, and decided I should probably not stay up for Mad Max 2.

The alarm at 6:30 am on Sunday morning was a bitch.  Plus, after the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having, the return to typical Scottish spring weather was a kick in the teeth.  I devoured a power bar whilst remaining under the duvet, taking full advantage of my boyfriend’s body heat.  I even put as much of my running kit on as possible under the duvet – it was cold!  At 7, I nudged Ian and told him he needed to get up, get dressed and think about driving me to the start.  I’m convinced he was too tired to be grumpy, so I counted myself lucky, and he took me as close to the start as possible, before dumping me into the cold and zooming off back to civilization.

The race started at Ocean Terminal, and since there were no buildings or anything to block the sea breeze, I was pretty much covered in goosebumps from the moment I ventured out of the car.  I made my way to the baggage drop, reluctantly giving up my tracksuit bottoms and vest, but meeting a friendly woman who seemed just as enthused as I was about being up at that time in the morning (for clarity: not very).  Everyone took refuge in the shopping mall until we were called to the starting pen, where everyone ‘warmed up’ in an effort to not freeze.  Eventually, 8:30 arrived and we set off.

It took a good 2k for me to feel a bit thawed, and it was the first outing of my new toy (Garmin 310X) that I can justify buying as it is waterproof, and I have at least 2 races this year that will require a waterproof GPS watch.  I repeat: totally justifiable purchase.  I glanced at the pace and was shocked to discover it was around 8:30/mi and I didn’t feel like I was particularly exerting myself.  I slowed down for the second kilometer just in case, but when the 3k marker came into view I thought ‘screw it’, and sped up again.  Next weekend is the first in a while with no race (!!!) so I might as well go for a decent (automatic) PB on a new distance.  Plus there was a woman who passed me at the very start with a smoking hot body, and if she is blessed with that, I want to at least be faster than her (this is the kind of crap that motivates me).

The route was generally very pretty, taking us along cycle routes away from traffic.  It wasn’t too dissimilar to the old railway line in Aberdeen, except it had more impressive bridges.  Each kilometer was clearly marked, and when we joined up with the 6.5 k

Looking back into Murrayfield Stadium at the exit after finishing.

runners, the markers were clearly colour-coded.  Despite the cold, the skies were blue and the sun was shining, and by the time we ran the finishing kilometer around Murrayfield Stadium and onto the track it was actually fairly pleasant!  As I crossed the finish line, I was instructed to go straight ahead to pick up my medal and goody bag, and the marshals were all very helpful and friendly, directing me to the toilets, the baggage pick-up, and even towards town (where I was about to start walking to meet Ian).

The sun stayed out for my walk back so I didn’t bother adding any layers apart from an extra t-shirt over my wicking top.  Once I met up with Ian we walked around Edinburgh city centre for a while before grabbing a ‘Big Belter’ cooked breakfast from a cafe bathed in sunlight for ‘brunch’.  It was definitely a case of my eyes being bigger than my belly as, despite making a good dent in the pile of food delivered to me, I was defeated.  We continued walking back to Ian’s sister’s in the sun, walking down the royal mile and through Holyrood Park.  After a shower and some goodbye’s, we had a quick stopover at a friend’s for a quick board game, then started on the journey home.

Holyrood Park

More Holyrood Park

OBVIOUSLY, as I now have 2 weeks off work thanks to the beauty of Easter Holidays, the gorgeous weather we have had for the last week has disappeared and been replaced by the gross weather that will cause me to want to sit around in pyjamas all day watching Jeremy Kyle instead of going for a carefree run in the sun.  Leaving Edinburgh, I fell asleep in the car for about 45 minutes and awoke to meat sweats courtesy of the fry up, and this uplifting scene:


6 thoughts on “Kilomathon Scotland 2012

    • I’m off work for two weeks. Due to my crappy luck, the bad weather will remain until I have to return to work. So the half in Edinburgh will be glorious! 🙂

    • Thanks. But if I was running half marathons at 1:08, I’d expect other people to be blogging about my running, not me. That’s never going to happen though, because I’m pretty average, but I’m holding out for a run where everyone faster than me pulls out because of flu or something and I win!

  1. That’s a pretty kick-ass medal. Also deserving of a medal: the phrase “meat sweats,” which is something I use often!

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