Sport Relief Week and New Kit

Well, there’s no escaping Sport Relief this week at school – there have been activities on every lunchtime, and a collection going around during registration every morning.  It is a constant reminder that I’m doing 6 miles for Sport Relief on Sunday, and I have raised a great, big, stinking ZERO pounds.  Still, even the registration fee goes some way, and I usually buy some kind of merchandise on the day, so I don’t feel as bad.  Plus, over the years I have pretty much exhausted the goodwill of my friends by fundraising for various runs, so it isn’t like I’ve done nothing charitable in my life.  I mean, for real, I’m a teacher.

Yes, I did buy them because they matched my nail polish.

Anyway, speaking of money, I’ve been dropping some hard cash this past week.  I hit up Run4it in a big way, initially to look for trainers for my boyfriend (who is doing the 3 mile run on Sunday, but whose running I imagine is akin to a flailing monkey on acid).  What I ended up with is a new pair of trail running shoes (a sensible purchase considering I’ve signed up for the Ythan Challenge and Tough Mudder, and street shoes just wont cut it), and the sports bra to end all sports bras:  The Shock Absorber Run.

Now I have always had a problem with boobs + exercise.  As a natural 32F, it often took some extreme hardware to keep my chest in check.  It was unheard of me me to wear LESS than two sports bras at a time, and STILL, there was bounce.  But last year, for a whole host of reasons, I had breast reduction surgery.  I’m now sitting at a still voluminous 32DD, and while I usually still double up on sports bras, I definitely feel more ‘restrained’.  However, this sports bra, the Shock Absorber Run, is amazing.  Nothing moves.  It is as though my own hands are clamping down on my breasts and holding them to my skeleton – I am impressed.  My reservations about the £37 price tag have disappeared, as well.  Ladies – if you have substantial boobs and have never tried this bad boy out – do it.

Anyway, it has been an amazing few days, sunshine-wise, in Aberdeen.  That, coupled with the lighter days, has been really uplifting – it’s amazing what some good sun can do for your spirits!  It was even semi-light when I left spin on Monday night!

Totally looks like a tornado. Isn't.

Oh.  And last night after spin I managed a 5 minute plank.  By the end I was grunting like Tony Soprano approaching climax, but I got it done.

6 thoughts on “Sport Relief Week and New Kit

  1. I LOVE the Shock Absorber run bra! I own 5 (3 white, 2 black!). Amazing rock solid no movement boobs. I’m a 32DD too!!!! Try Amazon if you need more. I got a couple at just over £24 not long ago so if you’ve already tried for size then online ordering is a gem!!! Happy boob bounce free running! xx

    • I might have a look – thanks! I wanted black (old-school goth shining through) but they only had white in stock, and I’m too impatient to order things in and wait. Amazon is about to be bombarded!

  2. I have that saaaaaame problem…

    OK maybe not. So what makes a good ‘trail running’ shoe anyways? My current shoes are worn down enough to necessitate another pair to swap in and some of the places I want to run are a good bit more cross country than a lot of the paths I’m doing now.

    • You want to make sure they fit well so your foot isn’t moving around at all when you’re running on uneven surface to avoid blisters. You also want, like normal running shoes, room in the front for your toes.Apart from that, it depends on personal preference/what kind of trails you’ll be running on. I opted for cushioning instead of massive treads since my races will also feature some street running.

      The treads are usually made from a different rubber though, so while they’re good for gripping the ground, they wear down quicker, so street running isn’t great for them!

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