What do you do with your race bibs?

I’ve seen a lot of people proud of their race bibs by trawling through blogs.  Some people have a cork board with bibs and medals hanging off it, some people blu-tack them to a wall as a kind of motivational thing, I even saw someone wallpaper her study in them!  While I like keeping the old race bibs, they have usually just been stuffed somewhere out of sight for me to come upon during a particularly thorough ‘flat clean/re-jig’.  And then I’m torn between nostalgia and wanting to throw them away (because, essentially, it’s just clutter).

And so – starting this year (technically May 2011, but whatever), I’ve started keeping race bibs in a handily sized photo album.  The album is from Paperchase* (WARNING: EXTREME STATIONARY PORN!), and every bib I’ve had since I started has fit in it just fine.  There is a range of colours, but I went for neon orange, because it was so cheerful.

*Update: The album I have is the neon orange one, but there are also pink and purple ones.  From my stats I can see this is a popular post, so thought I’d link to the specific products.

Anyway, I quickly filmed myself flicking through for anyone bored enough to have a look.  I like that I can just slip it onto one of my bookshelves.  Neat and convenient!  I’ll warn, I was listening to music and the sound seems really loud when I play the video back on my laptop!

So what do you guys do with your race bibs?  Bin them? Stash them somewhere discreet?  Display them with pride?

19 thoughts on “What do you do with your race bibs?

  1. I have my 1/2 marathon bibs hanging on my wall (in a neat order), currently 13 of them. My full marathon bibs are also hanging on the wall, but on a thermal blanket that they hand out after the race. On it as well are some pictures, the course layout, and my two medals. I have special race bibs, like from the Pump and Run also pinned to the wall. All others are hanging on one nail that is in the wall. I love your album idea though, that’s awesome.

    • 13 1/2 marathon bibs – how appropriate! You realize this means you need to bag 26 marathon bibs to continue the trend, right?

      I do like the idea of having them up on the wall, but I live in a ‘cozy’ 1 bedroom flat and even the paltry amount I have so far would dominate my wall space!

      • I loved your idea of the album so much that I went out and bought one, but…I can’t seem to get myself to take the bibs off the wall…haha

        Going for HM bib # 14 this weekend to break the idea of 26 FM bibs. 😉 Maybe I’ll start putting that one in the photo album instead of hanging it on the wall. hmmmm

  2. Not sure what happened to mine… I’m sure they got trashed. I like the idea of the album though. Perhaps for my new ones. Throw in a picture or two and hell — I’m scrapbooking (OMG DON’T TELL ANYONE!)

      • Oh crap, people can see this?

        Nah, as long as I don’t put frilly pink flowers and stay away from the bubble fonts, I feel justified in calling it a log of achievements, not a scrapbook :p

  3. That bib album is a good idea! I admit that a few days after a race, I usually…um…toss them in the garbage. I keep the pins, though…subsequently, I will never want for safety pins. Ever. Ha! Medals, now….medals get stored in a box in my closet. Full-marathon medals get hung on the wall. I’m still looking for a more artful/original way to do that.

    • A guy finished just after me at the half last weekend who actually opted NOT to take a medal! Madness! I used to toss the bibs, and I’m a bit sad that I’ve started a collection that will never be complete, because I obviously don’t have enough in my life..

      I also keep the pins, but NEVER remember to take them with me to races, so my bathroom cupboard is a metal graveyard. 🙂

  4. Oh, I like this idea. I used to blue-tack mine on the kitchen wall, but haven’t done so since my last move (and visiting friends always look at me with that look that says: “we love you, but you are a little loco for keeping this trash..”). I am a Paperchase addict and I was good since I bought my 2012 calendar, but you make me go back there… Sigh! 🙂

    • Oh man, I’m sorry! If I knew you had a problem I wouldn’t have posted the link! I used to shop in Paperchase all the time when I lived in London, it was the only ‘luxury’ item I could afford! I was thrilled when Aberdeen got one. 🙂

  5. Only ran one half marathon and not sure I am going to do that ever again…So, framed and central in the living room! Hihi!!!

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  7. Mine are in a box with the date and my time written on the bib. They’ll all stay in a box until I have enough to do something creative. The medals are there too.

      • Mayyyyybe. Playing softball as a teenager and into my early adult years, I earned many medals (some for National championships), that I’ve since thrown out because the medals don’t have significance to me. Plus, I only have the Montrose 10 km medal, all my other races haven’t dished out medals!

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