I look like ass when I run

I came across some photos of the 10 miler on Sunday, and managed to find a couple featuring my sweaty, washed out face.  OF COURSE the photos of me had to be taken after mile 9.  Every other time I saw a camera along the way, I smiled for the photos (of which I am certain 98% portray me as at least slightly demented), but after the 9 mile marker I was oblivious to anything except my desire for it all to end.  Hence, no smile, even though I am looking DIRECTLY at the camera.  I can almost hear myself thinking ‘I don’t even care if a trail of drool is cascading down my face, take your damn photo’.  I’m number 321.  Enjoy:

Photo courtesy of roadrunpics.com - Thanks!

Anyway, in preparation for the abuse I’ll be giving my body this weekend, I am taking Saturday as a rest day.  Those who know me will understand how much of a sacrifice this is, as Saturday is awesome for both parkrun and gym classes, but I have worked out non-stop since last Thursday, so screw it.  I’m going to clean my flat, which would, at this point, make bachelor pads look pristine.  I’m actually ashamed of the state of it.  I am also going to pamper myself.  Brows are being tinted so my face has a slight chance of looking decent in any photos on Sunday, and I’m getting a ‘Rescue Pedicure’, which my poor feet are looking forward to.  Judge for yourself, but I would say they have only become more gross-looking since the last foot-fetishist-boner-killer photo I posted:

I'm sorry for posting this*

Anyway – managed an easy 5 mile run this evening, mainly because it was mild and sunny when I finished work, but also because I had planned on trying out my first ‘carb loading’ session tonight.  I’ve never bothered before, but since it’s a half marathon, might as well fuel up, right?  So what wholesome food choices do I make?

  • KFC boneless chicken 3 piece meal (with chips)
  • pan au chocolat
  • approx half a large loaf of bread with nutella
  • an entire pack of MAOAM sweets

I’m sure that is EXACTLY what I should be filling my body with for Sunday’s race.  At least I managed to resist beer…

*I’m lying.


5 thoughts on “I look like ass when I run

  1. I was once told I “run funny” when I was a kid. I have absolutely NO idea what they meant or if they were just being mean (but, something must have triggered it I suppose…) To this day I’m self conscious of it almost to the point where I want to record myself running and compare it to a “normal” runner.

    But anyways, 1% of the population “looks good” after more than a few miles. I don’t think many guys come to a races expecting a photo shoot from Maxim.

    • Ha ha, I’m sure you run like a pro! Unless you have friends who avoid running with you because they’re too embarrassed, like Phoebe from Friends. That would be unfortunate.

      And as far as looking terrible, you should see the effort some chicks go to in order to match all their high-end, specialist running gear. It makes me a bit self conscious about the holes in my running tights.

  2. i’m number 81 & i’m not looking too hot either-i’d been struggling with a stitch till the church & a nice lady said to me-you’re 101st if i’ve counted correctly-so i found some hidden strength & made 97th. no idea where the stitch went-just doesn’t look that pretty,i normally wear my sunnies to avoid the full face look.

    see you around-smiling i expect

    • Hello 81! 🙂 I have actually admired your running tights since March, are they Solomon? And I think you look pretty good – at least you seem to have the strength to attempt a smile!

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