Getting excited!

After a performance I’m pretty proud of on Sunday at the Arbroath 10 miler, I’m feeling a lot more confident about my first half marathon this Sunday.  Realistically, I’ll be happy to finish under 2:30:00, but if I can smash 2 hours I will be happier than a fly on shit.  Reasons I know I’m getting excited about something:

  • I paint my nails black (badly. If there was a high school class called ‘How to be a successful girl’ I’d have failed it – hard)
  • I plan a meal out (signs point to curry once we get back to Aberdeen)
  • I get my brows dyed (having wispy blonde hair means I can get away with not shaving my legs for weeks, but it also means my natural eyebrows are invisible, and this annoys me)
  • I book a random beauty appointment (pedicure, perhaps foolishly the day before my half, but my poor feet deserve some love.  I also know that the beautician has seen my feet before and it is unlikely she’ll recoil in horror)
  • I crave ice cold beer and slutty dancing (unfortunately not going to happen for a few weeks, but there’s a gym night out on the cards)

I also start planning my outfit.  Now, my running gear isn’t particularly fancy (in fact, it’s pretty much just gym kit), so I’m currently gunning for some wicked war paint on my face.  Because, you know, I’m going to ‘defeat the race’.  Totally lame, I know, but backed by my bitchin’ tunes, I’ll feel like a warrior.

Does anyone else have running plans for the weekend?

6 thoughts on “Getting excited!

  1. Nothing quite so epic planned this side of the pond… I remember the days before my first (and only so far) half as being rather dreary. Probably because I was worried I would utterly fail! My half was over pretty hilly stuff and 95% of my training up till then was flat. Even the morning of, I was kind’a just milling around waiting for it to start :p Nevertheless, I finished in my leisurely 2:50 so I’m sure you’ll easily kill 2:30

    • Can’t say I’ve done much hill work, but I swear by my bi-weekly spin classes for keeping my fitness up enough to deal with nature’s lovely lady lumps. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Good luck! I am sure you smash the 2.30 goal! I’ll be running a 5k to warm-up for this season’s races. You inspired me to run some shorter runs again. Thanks for that!

    • Thanks! Glad I can inspire people to do more than “not drink THAT much”! Good luck with shorter races – I guess the downside there is you have to run faster! 🙂

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