Arbroath Smokies 10 Mile Road Race 4.3.12

Official time: 1:24:56  (PB)

99th finisher (out of 333)

Medal: None, unless you’re crazy-fast (but we did all get a t-shirt and goody bag)

First race of the year, first PB of the year (by default, but totally still counts), and first 10 mile race – such excitement!  At least excitement is what I expected to feel this morning, until I gazed out of my window upon the delightful Scottish weather.  Here is a shot from the inside of the car, on the way to Arbroath, just before we passed the road information sign announcing: Snow forecast.  Terrific.

A touch of rain - and sleet.

Luckily, when we arrived it had stopped bucketing rain from the sky, but it had not stopped being totally freezing.  I was very glad I wore the long running tights.

Anyway, The crowd was friendly and I had some good chat before the race, and picked up some handy information.  For example, it was good to know there would be a hilly start, with a down hilly second half before I set off, or I may have ended myself at mile 3.

I’m a fan of summarizing, so I’ll keep the overall ‘Race Report’ short and sweet by breaking it down into defining thoughts per mile.

Mile 1: Glad I brought my gloves, it is freeeeee-what the hell, how can she wear just a singlet and micro mini shorts? Oh, we’ve started, bring it, hill, I’ll destroy you. Holy shit, check my pace!  That’s a 7!  I am AWESOME!

Mile 2: My pace is still awesome.  I am slightly concerned I will suffer for this pace later on in the race.  Pffffft!  Whatever. I am AWESOME!


Mile 4: I recovered like a pro after that hill – BOOM!  Still a decent pace.  Damn my hands are sweaty.  I’ll take off the gloves.  Hmm, where do I put the gloves?  Stuff into bra? That’s some sweet thinking on your feet, Rachel.  I am AWESOME!

Mile 5: Shit, that guy just took a photo with a super-professional looking camera and I have gloves stuffed into my bra.  I’m going to look like I have a growth on my chest in every single race photo.  Should I move them?  Nah, best not to look like I have a dong instead.  Smart thinking, baby, you’re on top!

Mile 6: Shouldn’t have tried to drink out of the plastic cup, I am freaking soaking. Hey!  We’re going downhill! WooooOOoooOooOOOOOoOOOoooOOO!! Check my pace.  I am AWESOME!

Mile 7: I want to die.

Mile 8: I’m a fucking idiot for signing up to this.  Why did I sign up to this? My underwear is chaffing my vagina.  How does that even happen?!  My shower is going to sting, hardcore.  This is shit.

Mile 9: So close.  Please don’t die.  Keep going.  Wait, why am I listening to PJ Harvey?  This is not uplifting at all!  Ah, here we are, some relaxing System of a Down.  Lovely.

Mile 10: Chaffing is worse than cancer and AIDS and world hunger, I will never enjoy sex again, where the shit is the finish line?  Wait, is that the sports centre?  Oh thank fuck, it’s over.

So as you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am totally not regretting the Half Marathon in Inverness next weekend.  At all.  But knowing that if I stick to today’s pace I can make it in under 2 hours is pretty groovy indeed. And the goody bag?  Well, who can complain when they give you booze at the end of a run?

Minus a Twix Bar, a bag of crisps and a bottle of water.

To everyone that gave gel advice – thanks!  Unfortunately my stomach has been really weird all day, so I just stuck to Gatorade and dried fruit, and am still not feeling totally right.  I will definitely try a gel or two next weekend though.  After my Mile 7 lull today I think I’ll need it!

Oh and the weather cleared after the race.  We visited some of my boyfriend’s relatives for lunch, then met a friend for a quick visit before heading home to some typical Scottish views:

Mountains and nature and shit.

11 thoughts on “Arbroath Smokies 10 Mile Road Race 4.3.12

    • Ha ha, I always wear 2 sports bras, so anything I need to hold goes in the space between them. I get maximum support AND storage with no chaffing (there)! I’d never let hard packaging foil THAT close to my nipples though. Yeouch! 😛

  1. I’d have ran 10 miles in a dress for a bottle of black tower! Good effort, especially in those conditions.

  2. Way to go! Loved the commentary. In my race mile 7 and 8 were the same thoughts. Why am here, I should be getting paid for this, why did I PAY to run ten miles. This is absurd. So cheers! We blew through around 1200 calories on a Sunday morning. Winnninggg. Sick time BTW!!

    • Ha ha, yeah, Mile 7 and 8 were dire, but I’m working up to earning a full night out at the curry house next Sunday after the half. I think I’ll order two bits of naan bread, pour my curry and rice between them, and eat the entire thing as a sandwich. Obviously I’ll drink my beer with my pinky out, to keep up the illusion of class.

      Well done on your ten miler yesterday as well – you have any further distances coming up?

      • I committed to a ten mile run tomorrow with a friend of mine who shits out 10 miles at a 6:45 pace so that should be interesting. Other than that for what I’m actually signed up for is a Tough Mudder in May which is an 11 mile trip in hell. What about you?

    • Huh, for some reason I can’t reply directly to your last comment.

      Anyway, 6:45 is a mental pace, I wish you luck! I remember seeing you’ve signed up to TM, I’ve signed up for Scotland’s first. I imagine it hurting…. As far as races, I’ve got the Inverness Half Marathon on Sunday, because I’m a glutton for punishment…

  3. A great summary – tho’ I was 100+ behind you and I smiled all the way and wore far too much with pockets full of emergency supplies all over me – you can never be too careful. What a great surprise to get a bottle of wine, tho’ didn’t last long! Cheers to next year.

    • I know! Almost makes up for no medal! 😉 But really, I’m more of a beer girl, so it’ll make a nice gift for someone I like enough to get a gift for, but don’t like enough to buy a gift for.

      Well done on finishing, and let’s hope next year is sunny! 🙂

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