Dripping With Sweat.

I know this is ‘technically’ a running blog (though my rants and other such things make it into posts frequently), but running is not my only exercise honey (as anyone who has peeked at my training record will have noticed).  I love Les Mills classes (Body Pump, Body Combat, etc.) because the music is really motivating, and I really feel like I’m pushing myself.  And who am I kidding, meeting up with fellow workout freaks for a cheeky early evening bitch is cathartic.  But the one class that makes me feel totally used?  Spin.

Spin is a Monday and Wednesday thing.  Twice a week is enough, for sure.  I always know I’m working hard when the veins in my hands go all ‘Madonna’ and every time I exhale, I sprinkle the ground in front of me with droplets of sweat.  I sweat, ladies and gentlemen, like recovering sex addict in a brothel.  I actually worry sometimes that I’ll run out of sweat and my brain will rattle away in my skull and I’ll step off the stationary bike with brain damage.  THAT much.

So what about you guys?  Are you soak-your-shirt sweaters, or refined, lightly perspiring beauties?

13 thoughts on “Dripping With Sweat.

  1. When I used to have a Gold’s membership I used to do the still-picking-sleep-boogers-out-of-your-eyes Body Pump class before going to work… Love the music, and love feeling like I got a jump on everybody else for the rest of the day! 🙂 Never tried the spin class, just seems like it’d be really boring. Yet I’ll sit there and run on a treadmill for 30 minutes… /shrug

  2. I’ve never made it through a spin class without wanting to vomit. I also usually want to vomit when I look at race pictures of my sweaty self. Not so cute.

  3. Probably got the sweatiest back in the world, not much else, although I do enjoy a cheeky lick of a salty forearm or cheek after a good workout… is that dodgy?

  4. You’re an animal. I feel like a caged stallion at the gym, so spin is out of the question for me! I get my spin on riding the trails or mountains on my bike. But that’s always always my second preference to running trails.

    I’m so high after I run that I think I look fantastic! Haha

    • Ha ha, I feel amazing, but not amazing-looking. Plus, on those 4 days a year that comprise the ‘Scottish Summer’ I am outside soaking up every second of sunshine and joy that I can.
      Ice, sleet, rain, freezing temperatures and 60kph gusts of wind are not encouraging when you’re opening the front door for a run! I still go, but I less ‘wild stallion’, more drowned rat. 😛

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