Foot Fetishists, Turn Back Now!

Let’s get one thing out in the open:  my feet have never been things of beauty.  For one, they’re totally deformed.  I’m pretty sure my little toe is missing bones, and it kinds of hangs lifelessly up on the side of my foot.  It doesn’t even touch the ground when I stand.  It’s nasty.  My feet, because of the amount of time they spend in trainers when I’m at the gym, are also totally calloused.  I secretly openly enjoy using nail clippers to cut off chunks of hard, dead skin after a shower.  It’s the same rush when you have a giant blackhead to squeeze – super satisfying.  So you can see that my feet didn’t have the best start.

But running has destroyed them.

Blisters, crunched/crumbling toenails, blood appearing from seemingly invisible sources – the works!  The following photo is my feet on a good, ‘just been attended to’ day:

Lookin' good!

And things look set to get worse.  Not long now until my first 10 mile race, followed by my first half marathon!  I think I’ll have to treat myself to a pedicure afterwards.

In other news, my knees are still holding up, though I feel occasional niggles.  No pain though, which is what my physio told me I had to stop for, so I’ll just keep on truckin’.

Anyway, to balance the sorry sight of my retarded, used feet, here are some flowers my boyfriend’s mum got me for my birthday/Valentine’s Day (since she assumed (correctly) that her son would not get me any).  They’re really colourful and cheerful.  I love getting fresh flowers, especially since it rarely happens.

(Hint to boyfriend if he actually reads my blog!!!!)

Fresh flowers on birthdays should be mandatory.

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