Tough Mudder Training

Why am I bothering putting so much effort into something that wont even give me a medal for my stash?  Because it looks like awesome fun.  And also because it looks like something that mostly dudes will be doing, and I like beating dudes (take that any way you will).

So apart from running, Body Pump, Body Combat, Spin and Power Yoga, I’ve set myself a couple of chick goals:

Goal 1: Do a pull-up  The last time I managed to do a pull-up I was in elementary school taking the national fitness test (I never got Presidential, only National.  Effin pull-ups!).  My boyfriend can manage something unreal, like 15 in a row, and I can’t even do one, which makes me sick.  So with Tough Mudder as my deadline, I aim to be able to lift my own body weight (without amputating both legs).

Goal 2: #plankaday I’ve seen this plankaday thing around for a few weeks now, and after checking it out, think it’s a pretty good idea.  Essentially, you need to aim for one plank every day.  The time isn’t really too important as long as you give it your best shot, though I imagine progressively improving.  I started yesterday and managed a 2 minute plank followed by a 1 minute 30 second plank.  Tonight I cracked out another 2 minute plank.  I remember being able to do a 5 minute plank once, so that’s where I aim to be by July (if not sooner).  This is especially important as since I tore my ab, I haven’t really been able to do ab exercises, but the plank, because it’s stationary, seems to be the one I can handle.

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