The Dark Night: Return of Enthusiasm

Well that’s a week of hard training done, and the knee is holding up well, so I’m feeling a bit more optimistic.  Optimistic enough to have signed up for the Sport Relief 6 mile run at the end of March, and to have convinced my tooooootally non-running boyfriend to sign up for the 3 mile run (translation: I signed him up online and demanded he hand over his credit card).  It’s almost enough to make me forget my first half marathon is in a mere 35 days!

I managed 20 miles this week, which is solid, but not fantastic.  I did, however, also manage 2 spin classes, 3 Body Pump classes, a power yoga class and 2 Body Combat classes.  And these things are freaking tiring.  So while I might not be Miss Ultra-Obsessed-With-Running, I can’t help thinking that all this ‘cross-training’ is a good thing.  Plus, I’m upfront about being in it for the race bling as much as the enjoyment of running.  Truth be told, I love going to my gym classes.  They’re fun and I totally dig hanging back at the end to bitch about random people at the gym (WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU LOOK OK IN LYCRA, LADY?!).  In fact, if bitching were a sport, I could probably consider my training upped by roughly 20%.

This week I’ve also enjoyed creeping on other people’s running blogs, because it is super comforting to know that there are so many people out there doing the same thing as you, struggling with the same things, worrying about the same things.  Basically, it is awesome knowing that you’re not the only one who sucks hard sometimes (and somehow gets through it).

And in the words of Columbo, just one more thing: A big ‘right on’ to my friend Grant who managed his first 10k yesterday on the treadmill.  We’ll kick ass at Garioch next month!

2 thoughts on “The Dark Night: Return of Enthusiasm

  1. It’s probably time to apologize for the number of comments I’ve recently written, although, it’s partially your fault. Had your blog been less witty, my interest in it would have rapidly waned. Ok, I’m not really enough of a dick to blame you for my actions so, I take back my last comment.
    I’ve been reading my way through each post and love your story about registering your boyfriend for a race. My wife loves to exercise. I find it to be a necessary chore to be tolerated, like a yearly prostate exam. I have been registered for races without my knowledge frequently enough that my senses go on full alert every time she asks for my wallet while sitting in bed typing away on her iPad.

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