Aberdeen Sport Relief Mile

I had never even heard of this before last week, but another Aberdeen-based “race” is always welcome!  If I entered it would mean every weekend in March would have some kind of running taking over, which would usually be a problem for the boyfriend, but as two of the races involve me getting a lift with other people running, leaving him to enjoy some free time, this might be doable.

It’s a Sport Relief event, and it looks great because it has 1, 3 and 6 mile events.  I’d like to do the 6 miler, but I’m trying to convince Ian (boyfriend) to enter the 1 or the 3 miler.  After all, if he’s going to be doing Tough Mudder in July, he’ll need to be used to the distance (roughly 11 miles).  Especially since everyone else is either already running, or starting to take the idea of training a bit more seriously.

I think I’ll wait until this knee niggle clears up before commiting to more runs, though.  I will say that the foam roller has really eased up my quads and ITB tract in the last couple of days, and my knees are already feeling the benefit (which THRILLS me)!  I’m going to attempt an easy 3 mile TM run before spin tomorrow and give the muscles another good seeing to at home afterwards and gauge how I feel then.

Being destructible sucks ass.

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