On my knees!

Or, more accurately, on my hands, rolling my shrieking quadriceps into the ninth dimension of hell.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

My knees have been giving me bother for a few weeks now.  There is a dull ache, on and off throughout the day at the bottom of my knee cap, and sometimes behind my knee cap when I do squats.  This has caused much frustration and swearing at my knees under my breath.  The kind of swearing that would make sailors look at you in disgust.  I’ve been to the GP.  He said rest.  I’ve been to the physio.  She said keep going, but do some squats do build up strength around the joint.  I went for a sports massage.  She said “foam roller the hell out of [my] lower leg.”

Since Tuesday I have been resting.  So far, minimal change.

Today, I had my boyfriend venture to the local running shop for a limb destroyer foam roller.  I’ve just been in, outright abusing my lower body, and can honestly say it is not one of the most pleasant experiences I have had.  The same pain you get during a spots massage when you’re told to “take deep breaths, this might be a bit intense,” is on par with what this foam roller can inflict on you.  I had no idea something so benign-looking could cause my heart rate to spike just by staring at it and remembering that merely 5 minutes ago, I was yelling “Mother Fucking Shit Fists!” in my empty flat whilst “relaxing” my muscles.

In fairness, my legs feel pretty good afterwards, and I might even notice a slight improvement in knee pain (or it could be that the aforementioned quad-rape has distracted me temporarily from my ailments).  I’m going to keep up the torture, and hopefully I’ll manage next Saturday’s parkrun.

6 thoughts on “On my knees!

    • I just looked up THE STICK (capital letters essential). Am I right in believing that the smaller surface area, the deeper the pain? I think I’ll need to build up my tolerance on the foam roller first.

      Also, ‘foam’ sounds so soft and pleasant. Ha!

  1. Going by the description of your knee pain, I’d say you have runners knee. This can be caused by a muscle imbalance (your knee cap is not traveling up and down inside your knee but rather being pulled to one or the other direction, causing friction). I’d suggest laying off the squats for a while and searching the net for some specific exercises to cure the imbalance. (I am posting from the phone otherwise I’d add some links) Your GP might have told you all this already, if so, ignore my rambling.

    I don’t have a form roller and after your description of what it can do to you, I think I’ll pass. Lol I do have The Stick and really like it.

    Hopefully your knees get better soon!!!

    • I had a feeling it could be runner’s knee as I haven’t really been good at upping my recent mileage ‘in moderation’. It was pretty apparent that my quads were tight after the sports massage, and I have to say a combination of rest since Tuesday and stretching my quads out thoroughly over the last couple of days seems to be helping. I’m going to try a 3 mile TM run tomorrow before spin, then do some major stretching when I get home.

      The foam roller maybe isn’t such a horrible thing after all – though that may not be how you feel using it. Was speaking to a guy today who uses one religiously and he says once you get on top of it, it stops being unpleasant.

      • I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you…It’s been 3 weeks for me now and my knee is still letting me know that it isn’t healed yet. Sucks being impatient!

  2. Oh, it really does suck being patient – it isn’t one of my strong points! Foam rolling, rest and new insoles (apparently I have a ‘flat’ foot) have all helped, and managed 6 miles today with no real issues! It was on the boring treadmill though.

    I hope you heal up soon! You’ll be enthusiastic as ever to get back outside once you get the all clear! 🙂

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