Do you call people that see dead people ‘septicemia’?

This is an example of a question I was asked at work today.  Sometimes I get gems like these in between the, “What’s the date?”, “What time is lunch?” and “Do you want to see a video of an explosion on Youtube?” questions that pepper my day.

But it isn’t just in dialogue that I piss myself (on the inside (metaphorically, obviously)).  Interpsersed between hundreds of unimaginative, repetitive and outright crappy essays, I’ll come across something that makes me chuckle (because deep down, I’m immature).  Today?  Subtlety.

Still.  At least what was written was intentional.  Unlike the next example.  To expand, the next essay was written by a really sweet little girl about a poem called ‘The Lake’.  The poem is a warning against pollution, and features flesh eating pigs that have come about by evolving in a polluted lake.  The lake is so bad that the families nearby cannot use it.  Instead of feeding real ducks, “children play with plastic ducks.”  At least that’s what I thought the poem said….

It’s the little things in life.

Anyway, a new week, a fresh start.  I was hoping that the knees would be feeling better by now.  They are not.  Looks like another week of cross training and frustration.


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