Moby Dick-ulous!

So, you know how I was RAVING about my Garmin?  Well I was RAGING on Wednesday night when I got in after spin to find that the screen was blank and no amount of charging/button-pushing/yelling made up swear words would bring it to life.

The next day I went in to Run4it, where I had bought it just over 1 month before, and explained what had happened.  Luckily they had one left in stock, so once I’d brought in all the components/chargers and a proof of purchase, I was briskly walking to my spin class with a new Garmin in my rucksack, ready to open when I got home.

And you know what?  My problem with the fiddly USB connection that I cited as the only complaint I had about the Garmin in the first place?  Not even an issue.  It looks like I got a faulty watch, as it had not properly saved a couple of my workouts (in addition to the wobbly power connector), and I am more satisfied with the replacement one than a broke hooker with blow in Charlie Sheen’s neighbourhood.

I lost all my workouts for the last week though, so that’s a bit of a bummer.

4 thoughts on “Moby Dick-ulous!

  1. Without having to back-read all your blogs :D, what kind of Garmin do you have? I just recently bought the 405 w/HR monitor. I don’t care for the clip-on charger and that I have to lock the bezel when it rains, other than that, I love it! Glad it worked out for you.

    • It’s a Forerunner 110 (the cheapest one, but the only one I could afford). If I make it through this year I might treat myself to one of the snazzier models, but for now it does what I need it to. 🙂

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