Berlin, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Jakarta, Bangkok, Cairo, London…

So I’m still pretty new to this whole ‘blogging’ thing, so I’m super psyched when I see people have clicked through for a snoop.  Over the last few days, however, I have noticed a worrying trend in the ‘tone’ of google searches that somehow lead to people discovering my site.  These are not the kinds of people I want to have flipping through old posts and checking out route maps to try to decipher where I live (I’m just going to save you the effort and say it’s at least a 5 minute warm-up/cool-down walk from any start).  I present to you, dear reader, exhibit A:

Now, I have named the site medal slut, and I am sure somewhere I have posted about the half marathon, or the Loch Ness Marathon in Inverness, but I did not expect to be linked with some lonely soul’s late night need for release.  For the record, I typed ‘slut in inverness’ into google and realized that my page doesn’t crop up until the seventh page of results – this dude had perseverance!  Still, I thought it must be a one off, and I had a chuckle.

Enter, January 10th!  Without further comment, I present to you exhibit B:


Now I’m not going to get all ‘Oh my god, groooooooss’ with this.  I’m going to milk it.  I am a slut for the medals, but I’ll tell you now, I am also a slut for the views.  Let’s work it google.  ‘Slut’ is always going to be there, so to capitalize on lonely perverts all I need to to is name drop different cities!  Kaboom!

In other, more relevant news, a punishing 3 days, being back at work and jet-lag have caught up and bitten me in the ass – hard.  A few years ago I would have hauled my bad-ass self to the gym and worked out until I puked instead of resting, but age and wisdom have been bestowed upon me (thanks to an injury that informed me in a loud, booming voice that I was not, as I had previously believed, immortal) a sensible inner voice, and I am taking what I believe people refer to as a ‘rest’ day.  I will, obviously, be hittin’ it hard tomorrow!

1 thought on “Berlin, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Jakarta, Bangkok, Cairo, London…

  1. If you want to see how bad the internet gets, check my twitter timeline for “Search term of the day” tweets, it’s unbelievable that a film-review blog can get such bizarre and perverted hits.

    I particularly like the 3rd search on 10th January… ultra specific searchers with – + ” ( ) usually make my day.

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