January 3rd: running, pumping and swimming.

Managed to haul myself out of bed at the ungodly hour of 5:15am today.  Disgusting, right?  Anyway, after a day of inactivity I felt that I should really put in a good effort today, so I strapped on my Garmin, threw a few pieces of strawberry licorice down my throat (for the energy, OK?), and chugged half a Gatorade before slipping out the front door.  And holy shit, was it warm.  About 3k in I passed a dry-cleaners that has one of those LED displays outside with the time, temperature and price information.  25 degrees Celsius at 6:15 am.  Crap.

Perseverance led me to totting up the longest run I’ve done in a long, long time (years), and I stopped my Garmin at 8.45 miles.  Sweet.  If I could do that today, the Arbroath 10 miler and the Global Energy Inverness Half Marathon are definitely achievable, so I was feeling pretty positive.

Deciding not to shower (and therefor choosing to offend anyone within a 10 foot radius of my body), I then went to a 9:30 Body Pump class, as I hadn’t done weights for a week because the freaking gyms in this town have ridiculous holidays.  Seriously, Christmas Day I understand, and even New Year’s Day, to a point.  Nothing more.  Anyway, the muscles I worked the hardest are whatever muscles are used to create a fierce grimace – that class was mega painful.  I’ll take a mental note never to skip pump for a week, it’s a freaking killer.

Upon returning home, I had no choice but to finally shower.  I was receiving unpleasant looks from the family.  After lounging around for a couple of hours, and getting back sweat from merely sitting down (totally hot – the temperature, not my perspiration predicament), the family went on an outing to Hume lake, where my brother worked on his tan and I worked on not letting my corpse flesh disintegrate after going so long without direct sunlight.  Seriously, I am white.

Board shorts and a sports bra are a fashionable alternative to swimwear if you don't own a bathing suit. Fact.

Anyway, we have just stuffed ourselves with Albury’s finest fish and chips, washed down with the champagne that should have been enjoyed at the bells on New Year’s Eve – if everybody hadn’t crashed out and just decided ‘screw this, I’m tired’.  Next up?  Probably another shower, then some monopoly, followed by an early night, because waking up before 6am on your holiday isn’t lame enough.

On a completely separate note, I have discovered dailymile.com.    It’s like Facebook for fitness fanatics, I already love it.  I wanted a place where I could keep track of my training/total miles for 2012 without really worrying about performing basic maths and adding miles myself, so this is perfect!  If anyone is on it, you can search for Raquel P.

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