Aberdeen 5k Fun Run

Wow, looks like Scottish Running Guide has been busy updating races later in the year.  In addition to the Sport Relief mile (and 3 mile, and 6 mile) in March, it looks like Aberdeen will have a 5k in September.  Saturday, the 22nd of September, to be exact.  And I checked, you get a medal.  Unfortunately I’ll probably have to miss this one as we are going to a friend’s (second) wedding ceremony (greedy bastards), and have been advised to keep that date free.

For anyone interested, visit the website here.

Aberdeen Sport Relief Mile

I had never even heard of this before last week, but another Aberdeen-based “race” is always welcome!  If I entered it would mean every weekend in March would have some kind of running taking over, which would usually be a problem for the boyfriend, but as two of the races involve me getting a lift with other people running, leaving him to enjoy some free time, this might be doable.

It’s a Sport Relief event, and it looks great because it has 1, 3 and 6 mile events.  I’d like to do the 6 miler, but I’m trying to convince Ian (boyfriend) to enter the 1 or the 3 miler.  After all, if he’s going to be doing Tough Mudder in July, he’ll need to be used to the distance (roughly 11 miles).  Especially since everyone else is either already running, or starting to take the idea of training a bit more seriously.

I think I’ll wait until this knee niggle clears up before commiting to more runs, though.  I will say that the foam roller has really eased up my quads and ITB tract in the last couple of days, and my knees are already feeling the benefit (which THRILLS me)!  I’m going to attempt an easy 3 mile TM run before spin tomorrow and give the muscles another good seeing to at home afterwards and gauge how I feel then.

Being destructible sucks ass.

On my knees!

Or, more accurately, on my hands, rolling my shrieking quadriceps into the ninth dimension of hell.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

My knees have been giving me bother for a few weeks now.  There is a dull ache, on and off throughout the day at the bottom of my knee cap, and sometimes behind my knee cap when I do squats.  This has caused much frustration and swearing at my knees under my breath.  The kind of swearing that would make sailors look at you in disgust.  I’ve been to the GP.  He said rest.  I’ve been to the physio.  She said keep going, but do some squats do build up strength around the joint.  I went for a sports massage.  She said “foam roller the hell out of [my] lower leg.”

Since Tuesday I have been resting.  So far, minimal change.

Today, I had my boyfriend venture to the local running shop for a limb destroyer foam roller.  I’ve just been in, outright abusing my lower body, and can honestly say it is not one of the most pleasant experiences I have had.  The same pain you get during a spots massage when you’re told to “take deep breaths, this might be a bit intense,” is on par with what this foam roller can inflict on you.  I had no idea something so benign-looking could cause my heart rate to spike just by staring at it and remembering that merely 5 minutes ago, I was yelling “Mother Fucking Shit Fists!” in my empty flat whilst “relaxing” my muscles.

In fairness, my legs feel pretty good afterwards, and I might even notice a slight improvement in knee pain (or it could be that the aforementioned quad-rape has distracted me temporarily from my ailments).  I’m going to keep up the torture, and hopefully I’ll manage next Saturday’s parkrun.

Do you call people that see dead people ‘septicemia’?

This is an example of a question I was asked at work today.  Sometimes I get gems like these in between the, “What’s the date?”, “What time is lunch?” and “Do you want to see a video of an explosion on Youtube?” questions that pepper my day.

But it isn’t just in dialogue that I piss myself (on the inside (metaphorically, obviously)).  Interpsersed between hundreds of unimaginative, repetitive and outright crappy essays, I’ll come across something that makes me chuckle (because deep down, I’m immature).  Today?  Subtlety.

Still.  At least what was written was intentional.  Unlike the next example.  To expand, the next essay was written by a really sweet little girl about a poem called ‘The Lake’.  The poem is a warning against pollution, and features flesh eating pigs that have come about by evolving in a polluted lake.  The lake is so bad that the families nearby cannot use it.  Instead of feeding real ducks, “children play with plastic ducks.”  At least that’s what I thought the poem said….

It’s the little things in life.

Anyway, a new week, a fresh start.  I was hoping that the knees would be feeling better by now.  They are not.  Looks like another week of cross training and frustration.


Moby Dick-ulous!

So, you know how I was RAVING about my Garmin?  Well I was RAGING on Wednesday night when I got in after spin to find that the screen was blank and no amount of charging/button-pushing/yelling made up swear words would bring it to life.

The next day I went in to Run4it, where I had bought it just over 1 month before, and explained what had happened.  Luckily they had one left in stock, so once I’d brought in all the components/chargers and a proof of purchase, I was briskly walking to my spin class with a new Garmin in my rucksack, ready to open when I got home.

And you know what?  My problem with the fiddly USB connection that I cited as the only complaint I had about the Garmin in the first place?  Not even an issue.  It looks like I got a faulty watch, as it had not properly saved a couple of my workouts (in addition to the wobbly power connector), and I am more satisfied with the replacement one than a broke hooker with blow in Charlie Sheen’s neighbourhood.

I lost all my workouts for the last week though, so that’s a bit of a bummer.

Customized shirts, latex and getting oiled up and rubbed down by an Aussie.

Well, this week hasn’t been a high-mileage one, for sure, but I’ve been hitting the gym classes hard while I give my knees a break.  Hopefully next week I can get back on track, since the half-marathon is in March!

I feel like I haven’t had much time to myself, and next week isn’t going to be much better – not like I have much time to myself anyway, after work and the gym.  I did, however, manage to do a few interesting things this week.

The first experience is a new experience – something I have meant to do for some time now, but have put off.  Not because of the reputed pain or even the cost (although £42!?), but because I have had no time.  Ladies and Gentlemen, on Friday I went for a sports massage.  It’s oddly comfortable having someone’s elbow rammed into one of your butt cheeks, and you feel totally relaxed and refreshed afterwards (and in ‘slight’ pain).  I would definitely recommend!  Also, turns out the masseur is from Albury, my mum’s hometown in Australia where I spent Christmas!  Small world.  Anyway, apparently my shoulder is ‘rock hard’ and I need to do heaps of stretches and go back next week for more pain.

In addition to the excitement of the massage, I have been spending my weekend on an

Black and transparent leopard print dress - HW design. Trashy bra - model's own.

exercise theory course in Banchory.  Which is a pain in the ass to get to at 9am on a weekend when you don’t drive.  I mean, when I signed up to the course, it stated that it would be held in Aberdeen, but clearly the folk that set it up need to hit geography lessons, STAT!  Anyway, it’s really interesting and there are some nice people on the course, but when I finish in early February I will be glad to get my weekends back.

To add to the expanding list of contributing factors as to why I am lacking sleep this weekend, I was out last night to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday.  After my course in Banchory I managed to convince myself to go out for a run before going out to the pub, and although I was pretty grumpy running head on into some pretty cold, blustery conditions (anyone outside Scotland might call this ‘hurricane force winds’), once I’d finished I was glad I’d managed to get out for a 6 mile run.  Especially as I didn’t want to feel bloated wearing my new dress (that I got for Christmas).  It was a late night, but thankfully not an overly drunk one, so managed to get in to Banchory on time and awake.

The last little glimmer of sunshine in my sunless, Scottish world involved a delivery.  I had ordered a custom t-shirt from zazzle a week or so ago and it arrived on Saturday.  I ordered from them because they will create a custom print on a technical, wicking shirt instead of just a plain cotton t-shirt.  I’m pleased so far, and I’ll have to try to remember to wear it for my next parkrun for a laugh!  My only complaint is the only colour option is white – not my favourite.


Tough Mudder 2012 – Scotland

I have managed to gather enough people who are nuts enough create a team for Scotland’s first ever Tough Mudder.  It’ll be taking place July 14th (we opted for the Saturday challenge), and everyone seems pretty enthusiastic enough so far!  One has even started a blog highlighting his challenges in 2012.  Unfortunately, many of these friends, whilst in pretty decent shape, are not accustomed to running.  Let alone 11 miles.  At least there are, as one friend said, “breaks” in between all the running.  And by “breaks” he is referring to the numerous obstacles designed to test strength and mental grit.  Apparently.  If nothing else, this should be a good laugh.

Anyway, the challenge isn’t just a memorable day out, it’s also a way to try and raise money for Help for Heroes, and it is suggested that you try and raise as much as you can leading up to the event.  I have intentionally opted for races this year that aren’t necessarily for charity, as my friends and family have, I believe, had their wallets exhausted by my constant pleas.  I intend to enter the Race for Life soon, and raise some money, but I think I’ll be doing that for my workplace.  Because of this, Tough Mudder will be the only event I do this year that I’ll be trying to raise any money for.  If you’re feeling a need for some good karma (or if you have Elton John’s bank balance), you can feel smug by doing a good deed here. If, however, you have no interest in being generous, and have a great interest in being bad ass, you can enter Tough Mudder here.  Then you too could display your ‘enlisted badge’ with pride!

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Oh, and you actually have to sign a death waiver.

Ythan Challenge 2012 – Update

The Ythan challenge is already booked up!  I suggested it to a few friends as we’re planning on entering Tough Mudder 2012 as a team and it would be good practice (decent distance and obstacles).  I was informed by one of these friends, however, that when he tried to enter this morning the entries had already sold out!  Not only that, they had sold out within FOUR HOURS!  Mental; what a bunch of sad bastards, spending their lunch break desperately trying to ensure they had a space….. Ahem.

Screenshot from their website today - glad I booked on my lunch break!

I gave my bank card a thorough fingering today.

Those of you sniggering – very mature.
So today entries opened for the Aberdeen Baker Hughes 10k in May, and the Xodus Ythan Challenge in June. No guesses as to what I was doing on my lunch break then. I got the ladies I work with excited when I declared, after my Uncle Ben’s Mexican Rice (delicious, I highly recommend), that “I must go. I have shopping to do.” When I explained what I was off to buy they were noticeable uninterested. I get that a lot.
Anyway, I managed to enter both with no hitches, though it looks like a high volume of people trying to enter the Ythan Challenge managed to crash the site temporarily. The only problem I faced once I’d entered both races was that I had 15 minutes left of my lunch break. So what did I do? Moseyed on over to the Scottish Running Guide website for a ‘wee browse’. Dangerous.
Looks like I’m doing the Half Dram (Dundee’s Half Marathon) in July.

Baby Got Back – Taking the 2XU tights out for a test run

I must be one of the few women that lives outside Brazil that wants to hear a solid “Yes!” when I ask the question, “Does my butt look big in this?”.  Sir Mix-a-lot has the right idea, big butts are hot, which is why I like maximizing mine with running, squats and lunges.  But drawbacks to having junk in thine trunk?  Having running tights ‘ride low’ at the rear when they’re pulled up to the ribs at the front!  Running in town on the weekend is hard enough with avoiding pedestrians, puddles of vomit and the inexplicable grease patches that are always outside McDonald’s.  What I don’t need to worry about is flashing ass-crack to Sunday church-goers.

This is why, when I finally bought my pair of 2XU tights, I was relieved to see the drawstring – invention of godly importance!  I can tie the tights tight enough (too. much. alliteration) so that the drawstring sits over my hip bones and all ass-flashing worries fade away.  I say ‘finally’ as I have been trying to buy a pair of these bad boys for ages.  The first time I went into the running shop nearby, they were out of stock (and apparently so were 2XU – at least in my size).  The second time I tried (last December), I had them order some in for me, but was in Australia by the time they phoned back.  It was only by chance that I popped in yesterday to inquire about my old older that I discovered they had one pair, IN MY SIZE (!!!) in stock, and so I didn’t hesitate to part with my cash.

Comedy faces don't work so well when you forget the flash is on. Also, ignore the bathroom decor, I'm saving up to sort that out.

This morning, I hoisted myself into them and skipped out the door, as it was a rare weekend where both days were sunny!  I was planning on running my easy 5 mile route today, but I felt so good I improvised, hit the beach again and managed about 7.5.  These tights, whilst not as sexy as my Nike compression tights, felt amazing!  Everything was sucked in and I felt like a superhero.  When I ran, I sprung.  I will definitely be purchasing a second (back-up) pair.

They also get the seal of approval from the boyfriend, though he agrees the Nike’s are ‘hotter’.  He also, being the pervert that he is, administered vigorous ‘cheek cup’ testing, and decided that it is, “not as good as rubber.”  I did remind him that lycra was more breathable, and therefore slightly more suited to running