Here is my race schedule for 2012.  An asterisk indicates that I have registered for the event.  Click on Done! to go to the race report!











10 thoughts on “2012

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  2. Really glad I found your site (was just looking for Baker 10K photo’s!) – reminded me to sign-up for this year’s Crathes Half, along with highlighting a number of other races I should try out. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Awesome list!!! Do a Spartan Race if you liked Tough Mudder! I did one in New Jersey this August and it kicked my ass! All uphill! Freezing! Safe to say it was amazing! haha Keep up the good work!

    • I think there was one in Edinburgh that I was considering doing. Only problem was is was the day after a 17.5 mile race. Over hills. And I’d somehow have to travel down to Edinburgh for the race, only to head back up to Aberdeen straight afterwards. Knowing how gross I was (mud-wise) after Tough Mudder, I did not want to face a train journey after a substandard clean… 🙂

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