Garmin Fore-Bearer (of bad news)

Well, the Sunday after the Christmas Canter I went for my usual Sunday run.  With all of the features, I wanted to check out my usual route. 

Now, this route has only ever expanded over time.  When I lived on George Street it was significantly shorter, and as I’ve moved farther away, it has grown.  About a year ago, I decided to check the distance of my run using Googlemaps and their directions facility.  It came to roughly 10K, so in my mind, for over a year, I have been cracking out a pretty speedy 10K on Sundays (apart from the several months spent recovering from surgery).

I set off (wearing my new Nike compression tights – another ‘wee Christmas treat to myself’) and enjoyed my run, occasionally checking the distance.  It wasn’t until about halfway through that I realized I was under 5K, but thought maybe my perception of distance was whack.

It was not.

The distance was only 8.4k, which might explain why it has always felt so easy.  And here I was thinking it was all down to enjoying running outside.

Fuck you Googlemaps.

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