Medal Slut is born!

Bienvenido!  Welcome to the mind of a total medal slut.  I love running, and after a pretty rough year or so I have decided to focus more on running.  In particular, races.  Why?  Well, there’s nothing better than sprinting across a finish line, feeling like you’re going to chunder, before eventually standing upright and realizing you can eat whatever you want that night.  With beer.  And the cherry on top?  Being handed a goody bag/t-shirt, and a shiny medal (the chunkier the better) that you can use as hard proof that you did something while everyone else was being lazy.  Something that, days later, you can caress between your thumb and forefinger and think, ‘Yeah, I’m awesome.’ I do love running, but I wont lie: I’m in it for the medals.

This blog will follow my journey – getting back into running (and back into shape) in 2012.  I had 2 operations in March and April this year (2011) which took ‘forever’ to heal.  This meant I wasn’t allowed to exercise….. or, at times, shower.  Dark days.

I have signed up for several running races already, including some 10k’s, which I’m used to, 2 half marathons (these will be firsts), and the Loch Ness Marathon in September, which will be my first!  I’m equal parts excited and terrified, but hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be raring to start chasing 2013’s goals.

2 thoughts on “Medal Slut is born!

  1. Dear MedalSlut,

    If human beings were meant to run God would have given us in-built timers. He didn’t, so what you’re doing can be considered profane and unnatural. How do you respond?

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