Some of the times are not actually my PB’s, but I can’t find the results anymore for the races I did (5k and 10k).  Hopefully this page will become a little bit more beefy as the year goes on!

Marathon  4:18:40  Paris Marathon (7.4.13)

Half Marathon  1:53:28  Edinburgh Half Marathon (27.5.12)

10 Mile 1:24:56 Arbroath Smokies 10 Mile Race (4.3.12)

13.1K (Kilomathon)  1:08:35 Kilomathon Scotland (1.4.12)

10k   47:13 Aberdeen Baker Hughes (2009)

5k  24:01 Aberdeen parkrun (12.5.12)

7 thoughts on “PBs

    • Ha ha, I was confused for a minute but it finally clicked. In the UK it’s DD/MM/YY. I’ve lived over here so long, I forget that I used to put the month first! :-)

      • Absolutely, but not right now – I’m slowing down for the marathon in three weeks! When are you signing up the the 26.2? You know you want to! :P

      • The Marine Corps Marathon is in October and registration opens next week, it filled up in 2 hours last year. That is a possibility. I want to run one this fall though! I’m honestly psyched about the trail half in June though, like can’t wait to start running again next week and do my first long trail run!

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